Worth Repeating: How We See Things

This is a polymer clay pendant that I have been working on for several days. I’ve added different paints. I’ve sanded. I’ve added more paints. When I am not happy with what I have done with a piece, I put it down and leave it alone. I walk back to it several times a day and look at the work. It’s taken as long as a month, but one day, something changes, and I see the piece in a new light. This time, the process took 3 days. I was looking at the leaf pendant. I picked it up and held it in my hands, then I saw it!

Instead of a leaf, I saw a beautiful fish! Until that singular
moment, I had not seen the fish. I had only seen an unfinished, not so pretty leaf.

Perspecitive is an amazing thing! Our filters color what we see.
I’m sure you’ve met that annoying person. What do you see? Someone who annoys you. What if we changed our perspective on that person? What if, we looked at this person as Jesus looks at this person? That person, though still annoying, might become like the leaf that was unfishinshed, when turned around, might be that beautiful fish.

Help me to see others as You see them. Help me to change
my perspective and love them as You love me! Jesus, have Mercy on me a sinner. Jesus, I trust in You!