Praying with my Imagination: Walking with Mary and Joseph

The road was rocky and hard. I could see the young woman and man walking ahead of me. The woman was pregnant. The truth is that she looked like she would deliver that baby at any moment. Her husband was loving and kind. He did his best to make her feel comfortable on the donkey. He would stop and make sure she was covered with the blankets they had on the donkey.

The wind was cold. The air felt even colder. I pulled my blankets around me. Our way was lit by the full moon. I could see their foot prints.

They slowed down a bit. He helped her off the donkey. She smiled at him, and he genuflected in front of her, and placed his hand on her full belly. He seemed to be praying. A tear slipped out of his eye. She smiled with great joy and placed her hand over his.

The town of Bethlehem was near. We could see the lights of the city shining very brightly now. The young couple waited for me to catch up. I was greeted with great love by the young woman. I sensed a great holiness. Even though she was obviously very uncomfortable, she smiled and encouraged her husband.

I walked with them. Our pace was slow but firm. Joseph smiled at me. He said that he was concerned because there were so many people in Bethlehem. He was afraid that they might not find a place to stay.

Mary said, “God will provide, my husband.” Her faith was impressive. I walked with them into the city Mary seemed more uncomfortable than she had when the walk began. She didn’t complain. She winced, but she smiled. She whispered that her baby would be born soon.

There weren’t many inns in the town, and each one was full. The inn keeper directed them to the edge of town where there was a stable.
Mary was very tired. I watched Joseph as he helped her off the donkey. The stable smelled of the animals. Joseph made a bed for Mary in one corner of the stable. He went to work cleaning the stable, as best he could. There was much to do before the baby was born. His resolve was firm. He would prepare this place for the birth of the King of King’s.

Oh, Lord, You chose the earthly father of Your Son very well. He gave his all to help the Mother of God, the Mother of Your Son. They lived frugally, but they were holy. They lived in love. How could Your Son be born into anything else?

Lord, please help me to be prepared for the birth of Your Son. Help me to detach from the earthly things in my life. Help me to give my all to Your Son. Thank you for this journey with Mary and Joseph. Help me to remember, when You challenge me with sufferings and sorrow, Your Son suffered more for me. Thank You, My Lord, My God and My All.