Microscopic creatures That brought Me Down, Creatures of God, and our vocations…


They are so small that only a powerful electronic microscope can see them. These viruses have no brains or thought processes that I know of, but they have invaded my body and made me sick. Yes, I have a cold, and I feel awful. The irony is that this tiny, thoughtless creature has forced me into bed for, so far, 3 days unable to do much more than watch TV, type on my computer, and pet my dog’s ears. When my immune system finally overcomes this invader, I will be well again.

God’s creations were made for a purpose. We all have vocations. For example, my dog, Pixie, although demanding when it comes to ear rubs, has the vocation of making people happy. She has brought great joy into the lives of other people both through her work as a therapy dog and the simple fact that she loves people.
The virus has the vocation to live and multiply, following the Creator’s admonishment to be fruitful. The consequences of their actions are that I have a fever, sore throat, cough, and stuffed nose. The virus made me sick. This is God’s work. Everything has a purpose. God is at work here.

What is God doing with my cold? I don’t know. I offered it up to Him to use as He sees fit. God uses everything for good. He is at work here. When I submit to Him and His Holy Will, I open the doors for Him to work without restrictions. He thirsts for souls. Perhaps, this cold will help quench His Thirst. I don’t know. God’s ways are not my ways, and His thoughts are not my thoughts.

I feel awful. If today this is my vocation, what I am to do and experience, I give it to You. Please use it as You see fit. Jesus, my Lord, my God, my All! I love You. Please use the small bits of love I have for the greatest good. Lord, God, Lamb of God. I am Yours. Save souls. Thank You.