Retreating to Our Mother’s Arms

32 days ago, Pam Spano, author of the blog, Being Catholic. Really, suggested that whomever would like to do so, begin the Morning Glory consecration to Our Lady. Tomorrow, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, those of us who chose to join Pam, will be completing our retreat and will be consecrating ourselves to Mary.

This is an enormous grace for all of us and a tremendous leap of faith. By consecrating ourselves to Mary, we will be giving her all that we are to do with as she chooses. We are entrusting to Mary our hearts, our souls, our lives, our families, our possessions: all that we are and will be to become totally dependent on her as our Mother, who is also the Mother of God. Our lives will be totally under her control.

So, I would ask you to please pray for us when you attend Mass tomorrow. It is a holy day of obligation. Remember to honor Mary, the Mother of God and pray that we might live up to our responsibilities in this covenant with Mary. Trust like this is difficult for me who like to control. I am a bit anxious as I have come to realize how little control I will have from now on. My life is hers to do with as she pleases.

I have no doubts that she will know best, but, like any other child, I will leap in faith to her love. I might not like what Jesus asks of me in this consecration to His mother, but as her child, I will try to be obedient.

Please Pray, and, I encourage you to think about consecrating your life to Mary. I also encourage you to renew your consecration if you have already completed a consecration to her. Thank you