Examen-ing: A Foggy Sunday Morning

I know He’s here, in the depths of the silence that surrounds my heart this morning. Like a sonar that detects the whale song at the bottom of the ocean, I feel the stirrings of the pool in my heart.

I attended Mass last night, and I was able to sleep in. I am so grateful for that! My daughter has been so ill. When you are immune suppressed, a cold is not just a cold, it is a continuation of the illness that she continues to battle. Today, she told me she feels better. I am so grateful for that! Isn’t this amazing? I’ve been up for a half an hour, and there is, already, so much for which I can be grateful! That brings joy to my heart.

The fog is light, but it is uplifting, like the cloud it is. My home is surrounded by a cloud, and I am a part of that cloud. I am grateful.
Last night, as I slept, I came to understand that what I felt yesterday, and how I felt yesterday, was a panic attack. I also came to understand that God is reminding me, by allowing me to have that panic attack, that I need to trust in Him and submit to His Holy Will.
For this reminder, I am most grateful. I praise God the Almighty!

Lord, already, in such a short time, You have given me so much! Your graces have cascaded down on me like a waterfall of clear, pure liquid. I thank You for your graces. I love the cloud that I am living in on this hill. Thank You, my God! Thank You! Jesus, I trust in You.

The start of the day has been good. All things are made good by Him. I don’t know what the rest of the day will bring. I only know that Trust is the word I need to explore today.