Driving on a Snowy Day

As I write this post, the white stuff is plummeting to the ground. The ground, which was not covered this afternoon has about 5 inches of thick, wet snow on it. The word on the news stations is to stay home or, if you must go out, to drive slowly. This is our first big snow of the season, and we have forgotten the basics of driving on the snow encrusted roads.

I look down the ravine to the busy street below. I’m not sure I understand the reason for the speed, but I don’t think I’d drive that fast. We all forget what it’s like to drive on a snowy day.

You don’t always see the ice on the road. The crews do a good job of cleaning the roads, but, sometimes, you hit the ice and you can’t stop. Speed can be problematic. The distance between cars can become a problem when you have someone riding too closely in the back.

Then I think of God. He’s with us no matter what, no matter where. He sees the ice on the road a millennium ago. He speaks to us in a voice that we hear in the future. “Go slow.” He whispers. We slow down, and we don’t skid.

When we’re home, and we really don’t need to go out, we stay because we feel uncertainty about driving in the snow. We hear that tiny whisper that says, “I really don’t need to be out there in this.” So, we bunker down with a good book to read.
God holds us closely at all times. We don’t feel Him. We can’t touch Him. Right now, He’s invisible to our eyes. One day we will see Him, and He will show us all the times we met, and we didn’t know Him. He will show us the paths we could have walked, but with His gentle inspirations, He helped us to choose the good and holy. He will show us how He protected us, and how He saved us. We will know when we lived in His Holy Will, and when we didn’t. We will hear His Joy for the times we served without question, without reserve. We will feel His a wrenching sadness for the times we rejected Him, for the times we offended Him.

We must not forget for a moment that, no matter the season, no matter the time, God is with us. We can accept or reject His advances of love.

The ancient psalmist said:

Make known to me your ways, Lord;
     teach me your paths.” Psalm 25:4

On a night like tonight, I’m glad to know that God will teach me His paths. I’m also grateful that I am not driving.
For these and all Your gifts, Thank You, Lord!