Peace: Is this the Best we can do?

Bombs. Wars. Beheadings of children. Airplanes flying sorties into “enemy” territory. Deaths on the battlefields. Refugees. Explosions. Attacks. Intolerance. Persecutions. Earthquakes. Fear. Anxiety. Hatred. Is this the best we can do? We can’t blame God for this.
God is a loving God, but we brought this on ourselves. When we stray from God who is Love and Peace, we find ourselves enveloped in chaos which is not from God but is from satan.

satan’s kingdom is a kingdom of sin. Lies. Hate. Fear. War. Chaos. We are living in his chaos because we have forgotten God and left God for the love of the world and not pursued love of God. We have left the path of holiness. We have been deceived by the evil one, and in our deceit we have accepted the lie that there is no wrong any more, that political correctness, rather than the love of God, is the way to live. We cannot excuse ourselves because we have been duped. We have chosen this path of immorality. There’s no question about that. God gave us the gift of free will, and we have exercised it in the pursuit of the world rather than remembering that this world is passing away. It is only the Kingdom of God that will remain. We need to seek His Kingdom and despise the world.

We are not an essence. We are not divine. We are human beings with immortal souls whom God created to know Him, to love Him, to serve Him in this world and in THE NEXT. We are His children.

You hear it everyday. There is no God. If there is a God, how could a God allow this evil in our world? The real question to ask is Why do we allow this evil in the world? We made our choices to embrace evil. satan’s greatest lie is that he does not exist. That all is right. There is no wrong. satan is seeking to make us a genderless society when we were not created to be genderless. satan wants us to kill our young. this abomination destroys families. he seeks to destroy the core of love, the family. he seeks to detach us from the love of God. Evil only begets more evil. Nothing is wrong and everything is right. Impossible!

Father in heaven, forgive us!

The time has come to change. Return to God. Go to church. Pray. Become a person of peace. Beg God for the forgiveness of your sins. Pray for the salvation of souls. It’s not too late. Our world can change, and we can be the force of change. Stand up and say, “No.”
God gave us a way to live in peace. That way is through Him. Swallow your pride. Go to confession. Denounce pride. Love others. Be kind. Be tolerant. Defend your faith. Pray for those who hate you. Pray for those who would do you harm. Forgive others. Forgive yourself. Be a person of peace and love. Reject evil. Renew your Baptismal vows. Love and embrace the gift of children. Reject the world and its values. Set the example. Love others as you would want to be loved. Welcome the refugee. Pray. Attend Mass on Sundays. God is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. There is no other.
Seek Him. He waits for you with open arms.

Lord God, Forgive us all. Help us to love one another with a genuine love that fosters peace. We come to You to be enclosed in Your Sacred Heart, for it is only through You that we will attain eternal life. Thank You for this chance to become peaceful and loving. Let us be the ones whom You call upon to bring peace to our world. Save souls. Forgive those who hate us. We pray for their conversion. Thank You, Lord, who so loved the world that You gave us Your only begotten Son so that we might live. Forgive us. We want to return to You, but we are weak. Save us, Oh Lord, that we might rejoice in Your love. Amen.