Finding God When There is No Light

Last summer, when we had an eclipse of the moon and a blood moon in that eclipse, the night got about as dark as it could. We sat outside watching the moon darken and turn red. The situation was erie. It would make the start of a great novel. “The moon was the color of blood, and there was no other light in the world.”
I felt safe watching this miracle of nature because we sat there as a group marveling at the changes we saw, knowing the cause and knowing that, soon, the moon would be bright again against the dark sky.

There are times in our lives, when we can’t find God because of the darkness wither in our souls. If our souls are dark with sin, it is difficult to know where God is, and it is difficult to understand that God waits for us to return to Him.

Any type of darkness can be frightening, but if we choose to live in spirituao darkness, finding God can be overwhelming. While it might be difficult to walk into a confessional and tell your sins to a priest, the joy comes in hearing the words, “I absolve you of your sins.” The rush of grace into our souls, and the relief of telling someone what we did, someone who has heard everything, someone who will forget, through God’s grace, what you said to him, brings such relief, you wonder why you waited so long. The only thing left to do is to complete your penance. Your sins have been forgiven, and the light that flows into your soul is almost blinding. During the upcoming year of Mercy, Pope Francis has recommended to all Catholics, that they take advantage of the Sacrament of Confession, once a month. Is that something you can do? Most likely.

What if you don’t feel comfortable confessing to your parish priest? Remember, there are other priests, hopefully, within walking or driving distance for you. Even priests have to confess, and they have to confess to another priest. That means, they go somewhere else. Find another priest to hear your confession. Don’t wait. Begin that search now.

The joy of God exceeds the discomfort in the confessional. If you haven’t been to confession in a long time, tell the priest. He can guide you through the process. It’s really easy. If you can’t make the times that are scheduled for reconciliation call the parish office and make an appointment. If you are sick, request that a priest come to your home or hospital to hear your confession. They are happy to help in the care of your soul.

I’ve been to confession where I’ve had a priest yell at me. I’ve been to confession where I’ve had a priest make fun of me. Yes, there are priests who will do that, but most of the time, with most of the priests to whom I have confessed, I have been treated with dignity and respect. I never returned to the priests who were unkind to me in the confessional, but I did find others who were very kind to me.
If you are uncomfortable going “face to face,” you are still allowed to confess with the screen that blocks you from seeing the priest. That is also an option.

Of course, there might be a million reasons why you do not want to go to confession. God understands that, but picture this as you walk in the confessional. Picture God looking at you and smiling. You’ll see that and know you are in the right place. He’s waiting there wil open arms to forgive your sins through the ministry of the priest. God loves you. Always remember that. God. Loves. You! Reconcile yourself to Him. Swallow your pride. Take advantage of the Sacraments. Be at peace. God. Love. You!!!

Amen and Hallelujah!