The Examen at Eucharistic Adoration

The images of Jesus slide into my mind, the writhing, twisting, agonizing look of pain on Our Savior’s beaten, Holy Face. Tears and sweat pour down from His eyes, and His labored breathing, which becomes more shallow with each painful gulp, reflects His silent pain. The precious blood pours down from His crown of thorns, burning His eyes, blinding His sight. Even blinking is laborious and painful. Yet, He looks at me with a heart burning with love and prayers that His graces will not be rejected by me.

I cannot feel Your pain, Sweet Jesus, and I am grateful for that. I am grateful that You chose to drink of the cup Your Father had prepared for You, a painful cup, a never ending cup, a cup so deep that only the Son of the living God could drink. I am grateful that you accepted this cup, and I watch in sorrow as Your Precious Blood flows down the gaping, open wounds on Your Body causing You to writhe in a burning pain for souls, that even the love of Your Mother cannot relieve. I am grateful for the gift of Your Mother to us. We are her children, too, but You are the gift of pure love to her and to us. I am grateful that You, the eternal High priest, accepted and offered this sacrifice to the Father for the salvation of our souls.

I look at my day, and my day is filled with my sins, sins that cause You more pain, Most Holy One. Selfishness. Distractions. Unkind thoughts. Not loving those around me as I should. Impatience. The list goes on. I see Your eyes, and they are full of forgiveness for me. I do not deserve this unconditional love, My Lord. I, truly, am not worthy. I beg Your forgiveness, and You do forgive, already knowing that I will sin again. My Lord and My God!

Even though I missed Mass this morning, You feed my soul. Your inspirations send me to read and learn. I listen, too, as I clean the kitchen in silence. For once, I hear the silence of peace. I see Your face covered with blood, but a smile, in spite of Your pain, fills my heart with joy! I didn’t know that a smile could be heard in this silence. I am grateful.

My Lord and My God! I am so sorry for offending You because of my sins. Please grant me the graces to sin no more, to change my life, to avoid occasions of sin for Love of You! Grant me the grace to pray in humility and love, to be pleasing to the Father, to hear the whispers of the Holy Spirit, to love as I should. I praise You and I thank You!

My Amazing, Loving Savior! I know You love me! I can do nothing without You! You are the alpha and the omega. I am Yours! I seek only to do Your Holy Will. Tomorrow I will need You more than today. Fill me with the Promise of You. Fill me with Your love. Change me with Your graces. Let me be known as Your child, Your daughter by the love I give others. Let me reflect You! My Lord and My God! I am Yours!