Day Three of the Rain and the Examen

Today is the third day in a row of rain. Some of the rain has been a beautiful mist, but some of the rain has been heavy and dense. As I stand and look out at the scenery, I can feel God settling into the corners of my heart. He is filling my heart with His beauty and strength. His love expands my heart as I see the rain that plunks on the ground. I breathe to the rhythm of the rain. Each beat of my heart beats to the meter of His Sacred Heart.

It was hard to get out of bed today, but I am most grateful to God that I did. If I had slept longer, I would have missed daily Mass and Adoration after Mass. I am filled with the thought of God when I think of the Mass and Adoration. God is truly there! How fortunate we are to have the God who created the universe contained in the Tabernacle and Monstrance! I chatted with friends between activities. That is always wonderful, but the sacredness of the moments in prayer rejuvenate my soul! God is so good! I am so grateful! I feel happy! I feel alive! I feel humbled by the holiness of God!

Even though it’s been gloomy, my heart is alive and well. I am spurred on to complete my work for the day. I pray that God will grant me many more daily Masses and times of adoration. I pray that I am able to spend more time adoring the Lord and allowing Him to fill me with His Love. I pray that my children will also experience the wonder and beauty of God’s love as they go through out their day.

I look forward to tomorrow. It’s good to see the rain now, and I do hope that tomorrow we see sun. Whatever happens, it is God’s Will, and it’s just a minor bump in the day. Life is good thanks to God. I am blessed. I am blessed.