Yesterday, I received my super duper flu shot. Today, I am feeling the side effects of that shot. I know. I know. The medical profession tells us that there are no side effects, however, there are plenty of us who would disagree. When you have chills, ache, have a headache, and are running a temperature, well, I’d be hard to convince that these are not side effects of the shot, but I digress. Right now, the souls of Purgatory are being helped by these non-existent side effects. That makes me happy.

So, in this month, when so many people are expressing their gratitude daily, mostly on social media, I decided that, with this post, I would also begin to do that. Normally, with my blogs, I use Friday as an opportunity to look back at my week and list those things for which I am grateful. Because I feel awful today, I think it is most important to really look at those things for which I am grateful.

I am grateful that with this “illness,” and through God’s graces, I am able to help the souls in Purgatory.

I am grateful that I am retired and don’t have to worry about taking a sick day because I am ill.

I am grateful that, on this day, I have been able to read many interesting blogs because I felt so terrible and couldn’t do anything else.

I am grateful that I have a computer with which I can write and post my thoughts on my blogs.

I am grateful that, in a few minutes, I am retiring to my bed for the rest of the day.

I am grateful that I will have the chance to watch Dr. Phil while I rest. “How’s that workin’ for you?” Just fine, Dr. Phil, just fine.

I’m grateful that I have children who love and respect me.

I’m grateful that when I tell my daughter to message me with the message, “Poor Mommy,” she will.

I’m grateful that when I say I’m going to have worms for dinner, she also tells me to add sauce to the mix.

I’m grateful that my son keeps in touch with me.

I’m grateful that Pixie is a low energy dog and is content to sleep on the couch or her bed when I don’t feel good.

I’m grateful that my new coloring book arrived today.

I’m grateful that I have a God who loves me and lets me know with His many consolations and gifts.

I think that’s where I’ll stop right now. My son just texted me and asked if I am watching his favorite show “On Demand,” Chicgao PD.
Now, the only thing is that I have to figure out how to use “On Demand.”

What are you grateful for this month and does your list change when you don’t feel good?


2 thoughts on “Today

  1. I’m so sorry that you are having side effects from the flu. I know what that feels like. I too been under the weather, but for different reasons. I purchased a coloring book too but I never got a chance to use it yet! I’m looking forward to a nice quiet evening with it.

    One thing that I don’t mind when I a, sick, is to offer it up, and I think that the only way to know that we suffer for the good of others. I love how the church militant helps out one another.


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