The Eve of All Hallows Eve, but this Title Has Nothing to do with This Post

Yes, it is the Eve of All Hallows Eve (the Eve of All Saints Day.) This year, this day happens on a Friday. (Now, here’s the Segway.) Since it’s Friday, and the end of the week, I always feel the need to go to God and say “Thank You for all this week’s blessings.”

Truthfully, a day should never go by when you have not said to our Creator, “Thank You.” Everything is a gift from God. Absolutely Everything is a show of His love for us. That being said, I’ll begin.

Thank You, Lord, for another day of life. What I didn’t repair yesterday, perhaps, I can repair today.

Thank You, Lord, for the joy I felt when I found the leaves of the ginkgo tree. There were so many of them! I love this the leaves on this tree! Thank You, for the ginkgo tree, too!

Lord, when I went to Target today, they had Diet Cream Soda! Do you remember when I was a kid, Cream Soda was my favorite?

Lord, the weather was so nice today! Yesterday, it was cold and rainy. Today is was warm? with no wind. Still very nice weather.

Lord, The drive home from the grocery store was so nice, especially when I don’t have to ride on the highways in rush hour traffic! Lord, I also want to thank You for the money to buy groceries.

Lord, the nap today was AMAZING! It was a power nap, and that was fine. That power nap gave me the energy to finish the day! Thank You!

Lord, watching the kitties watch the critters outside the doors is so entertaining! Thank You for the opportunity to watch then be cats and enjoy themselves.

Lord, I almost forgot. I have lost 10 pounds now! Isn’t that awesome! I am so pleased. Thank You for giving me the strength to follow the plan, and, hopefully, change my eating habits so I don’t gain this weight back. I thank You for all the years the weight was gone. I praise You now for the help You gave me to persevere!

Lord, I don’t think that Thank You is enough to say, but they are the only words I have. Thank You for everything. Everything is a gift from You! Thank You!