Happy Feast Day, St. John Paul II, the Great

Public Domain: Wikimedia Commons

Today, we celebrate the feast day of St. John Paul the Great! He was the first non-Italian Pope since the 16th Century! That was a long time ago! He was an athlete. He was an intellectual. He spoke 9 languages fluently. Pope John Paul’s pontificate lasted 26 years and 5 months. It was the 3rd longest in history. He suffered greatly from the effects of Parkinson’s Disease.

One of my favorite quotes from Saint John Paul was this one:

“It is the duty of every man to uphold the dignity of every woman.”

In this day and age when courtesy and manners from each sex are almost non-existent, we need to hear these words echoing in our ears daily. Maybe we will again learn to respect each other.

St. John Paul, the Great, Pray for us!