When God Let’s You Know, You’re Doing the Right Thing- His Consolations

Today, we prayed again at the beast’s office. It was a lovely day. The sun was remarkably warm for this time of year. The breezes were gentle. We were joined, ecumenically, by a Lutheran pastor who stands for life. He literally stands for life by holding the sign you see above. He stands for an hour in quiet prayer holding the sign to the oncoming traffic.

Liz and I prayed the Rosary. Soon, the minor seminarians from church, along with two priests, and they prayed the Rosary. After they left, Liz and I stayed and we began to read the book of Tobit. Soon Vicke came, and Liz and I left. As we were leaving, God sent us His consolation. I know He was saying, “You are doing well.”

Looking up in the sky, this is what we saw.

God is great!
God is Good!