The Synod

The tension is mounting. Leaks from the Synod in Rome are causing more and more tension in the Catholic Church. Who is it we believe?
There are those who say that nothing good will come from the Synod and it’s all the fault of our Pontiff. There are those who say that nothing will change. There are those who say that the manipulation and machinations of the Vatican will bring down Catholicism. There are those, praise God, who just say, “Pray. Wait and See.”

It’s not too late to pray. Pray for the bishops who are discussing issues in the Synod. Pray for Pope Francis so that he will not be given the wrong advice. Pray for all who are there. Pray! Pray! Pray!

When we pray to the Holy Spirit to guide the bishops, we give this issue to God. Our God is a God of Love. He is a creative God. He is the miracle worker and divine healer.

Pray that the bishops remain open to the workings and groanings of the Holy Spirit. Pray that their hearts are pure. Pray that they recommend the words that the Holy Spirit will write in their hearts.

Pray! Pray! Pray! It’s not too late to start!


One thought on “The Synod

  1. There are” those who say” but they are not the ones to listen to. We cannot rely on the secular media to give us any true perception of these significant Catholic events. I have been following all the Synod coverage on EWTN and the reports are very encouraging and thankfully Pope Francis has made it clear that the foundational Catholic teachings, especially on marriage, will not be compromised in any way. Regardless of the advice that might be given to the Pope he is no puppet regardrless of how the public media might like him to appear. Watching the coverage on EWTN – TV helps one to understand the process of the Synod and it gives one a clear understanding of the actual issues at hand.


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