Finding the Invisible God

Today, I was reading some old blogging prompts I collected. I use them when I hit a writer’s block. I have found these prompts do spark a few ideas. The propmt that caught my attention today was this: From Where do you draw your energy?

My first thought was, duh! The electric company! Of course, that could be a credible answer or start of a post, but, I think the writer of the prompt was looking for a bit more than that.

We know that energy of any kind is a valuable resource. I just plugged in my ‘Happy Lamp.” Yes, that’s what it’s called. I sit with this directed at my face or back, to help with SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder. What that means, at least, my understanding of the term, is that when the natural light of the day becomes less, some people are affected by the lower light levels, and they become depressed. I hope this light helps or I wasted a lot of money! Anyway, in order for this lamp to work, I obviously have to have a source of energy from which it can draw the charge to light up the lamp. That is, of course, electricity. Without the electricity to charge this lamp, there would be no point in buying one. The lamp would not be usable.

We all have sparks of energy in us. We use them daily, and we have to recharge our bodies, minds, and souls. Remembering that part of our faith is serving others, we can’t give what we don’t have. Sleep helps, but sleep is not the sole answer. We are both physical and spiritual beings, and, as much as we need to recharge our bodies through sleep, we need to find ways to also recharge our minds and souls, especially in times of stress or sorrow.

St. Thomas Aquinas said, “Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, a bath and a glass of wine.” (For what it’s worth, I think he forgot to add: chocolate.) These sound good to me, but our souls need so much more. In order to recharge our souls, we need to return to our God and commune with Him in prayer.

Prayer is a direct communication with God. Wow! We can recharge our souls because when we seek God with a heart full of love for Him, He pours down His graces on us. When we seek God without a heart full of love for Him, He still pours down His graces on us. You might not feel them, but they are there for us to accept or reject. God is Love, a being of Love. He is our Father, our Creator, and He wants nothing but the best for His children. We are the object of His Love.

In prayer, we open ourselves up to His saving graces of love. He touches our hearts and souls, and the spark which had died, begins to pulse again in our souls. Prayer opens that channel of love for us. It’s always there. God waits and never changes. He wants to give us all that we need.

Some of our greatest saints spent hours and hours a day in prayer. Their souls were refreshed, and they were able to spend their lives, even with great suffering, in joy.

Prayer to God = Peace of Soul

It doesn’t hurt to have a bar of chocolate, a glass of wine, and a warm bath either, but when we open our hearts filled with love for Him, God mends that which is broken and makes us whole.

Prayer: the balm of the soul. God: the Divine Physician. Peace and healing.

Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow!