It’s Almost Over

Tomorrow, it’s another full day for our beloved Pontiff, Francis, then he will be returning to Rome. I don’t know about you, but I have been glued to the TV watcing every bit of coverage that I could of Pope Francis’ visit. I laughed. I cried very often just to be in his telelvision presence. God blessed our country with this Papal visit!

There were those who said cruel and unkind word about our Holy Father, claiming that they are true to Christ and His Church, but rejecting His Vicar, who follows in Peter’s footsteps. That is so very sad. They need our prayers. They cannot be Catholics if they reject the leader of the Church. I feel very badly for them.

As with so many other people, I am amazed at the stamina of our 78 year old Pontiff. With each event, he hit the ground running. If I am correct, when his visit is over, he will have delivered 18 different speeches. I’m not sure if this includes his homilies at Mass or not.

In spite of the obstacles, and fatigue has to be one of them, he has persisted in being a kind, loving Pontiff and Priest. He urged everyone, in their own way, to become better people. He asked everyone to pray for him. He also added, “For those of you who don’t believe, please send me your good wishes.” What an amazing priest!

We have been so blessed by You, not only our world, but expecially our country, with the visit of Pope Francis. Yes, it was expensive, but many people were able to find employment and feed their families. Everyone was blessed, spiritually, just to be near the Pontiff whether in person, or, like many of us, through the miracle of television. Thank You, Lord! Thank You! We can never thank You enough! Bless our Holy Pontiff, Your Son, Francis. Bless all those who worked to make his visit a reality. Bless all the families, children, the sick, the dying, the ones to whom he brought hope. Thank You!! We are blessed.