We Need to Pray…

I hadn’t thought about this until today, but we need to pray for the Pope’s Security detail. He’s a target, and, I’m sure, he’s not always easy to keep secure. I heard today on EWTN, that the cost incurred by each city and diocese our beloved Pontiff visits, is $45 million dollars! That is each city and diocese, not a total, but each one incurs that expense. Of the whole, the largest expense is the security.

The security detail is comprised of Secret Service (in the US), the Vatican security, and, now, in New York City, the NYC Police Department. These women and men assigned to protect Pope Francis have the potential of laying down their lives for him. The bullet that might have been aimed at him could cause part of his protective detail to loose their life. It’s truly a risk.

We need to pray for these brave men and women who work the security protection details of the Pope.

Father, in heaven,
We thank you for this opportunity to see our Beloved Pontiff. We thank you for keeping him safe in his travels.
Father, we ask you to also protect the women and men who guard Pope Francis and keep him safe. We ask that you send honor guards of angels to protect them, too, that through their efforts, Pope Francis will be safe, and that each person assigned to his security detail, will go home to their families each night while Pope Francis is on our shores.
We ask this through the intercession of Blessed Mary, Our Mother, and Your Beloved Son, Jesus. Amen.