How does he do it?

I found this on Facebook. The source that is credited there is the Catholic News Agency. I looked at that schedule. Pope Francis is 78 years old. How will Pope Francis keep up with the schedule? I don’t think that I could, even though I am much younger than he is. My only conclusion is that the Holy Spirit fills him with love and that love turns into endurance that endurance turns into even greater love for the people whom Pope Francis serves.

Pope Francis has chosen his service. His service is to love all, not just a select few, but everyone. His love for humanity fills the heavens with prayer and service to them.

There are those nay sayer Catholics, who neither respect Pope Francis or align themselves to him in the church. They accuse him so many different evils. He is human. He does sin, but he continues to serve the church that Jesus established on earth with love and fortitude.

He judges not. He welcomes all. I wish I could be there to see him. Instead, my job is to pray for his safety and his physical endurance as he represents Jesus to our continent.

Heavenly Father, your son, Francis, comes to us today with love for all. Help him, Oh, Lord. Give him strength. Empower his love for us so that millions may be touched and saved. Thank you, Father, for giving us such a Pope as Francis.