Some Links to Help you Prepare for Pope Francis’ Visit to the United States

Isn’t this amazing! Pope Francis will visit our country beginning next week. I won’t be going to visit him, but I will be glued to the television watching as much as I can of his visit.

That aside, here’s where you can go to get ready for our Pontiff’s visit.

If you go HERE, you’ll find the official schedule for Pope Francis’ visit.
It’s nice and detailed, so you will be able to follow Pope Francis around. so to speak.

If you go HERE, you can help welcome Pope Francis to the United States by downloading and printing out your “Flat Francis.” Take a picture with “Flat Francis,” and email it HERE. Even if you don’t remember the email address, the first link will give you all the information you need.

If you go down on your knees, you can pray for Pope Francis. No matter what, each and everyday he needs our prayers.

I am so excited, I can hardly wait!

God Bless Pope Francis!