8 ways to know if you really worship God

As Pixie and I were out for our evening walk, I began to think about prayer. God does reveal His ideas in the silence as we walk. This revelation, made me stop as we walked, to ponder some things about my prayer life. I realized then, that I use prayer very selfishly. I pray so that I might have a communication with God. I pray so that I might ask God for His help in my life. I pray so that God will give me what I ask. I pray so that God will love me. I pray so that God will…


To worship God means to show reverence and adoration for Him. Of course, I try to be reverent when I pray. After all, I veil for Mass and receive the Holy Eucharist on my tongue. That’s a show of reverence, right? Yes, these practices are a show of reverence, but in that reverence do I worship God? In other words, no matter what, no matter where, is God first in my life?

Sadly, I have to answer no, He’s not. God chooses the moments when we are ready to hear His word. This was my moment. I hang my head in shame over this.

The First Commandment says, “I AM the Lord, your God, You shall not put strange gods before me.”

If I do not put God first in my life, what am I doing?

Do I choose that program on tv, that might become an occassion of sin for me, over spending time with God?

Do I choose to browse Pinterest or Facebook when I should spend time reading Sacred Scripture?

Do I choose to clean out a closet, even one that needs it, do laundry, play computer games, etc. when I could spend time in prayer?

Do I choose not to go to adoration, even when I could, just because I don’t want to go?

Do I choose to write for the blog rather than spend time telling God how much I love and adore Him?

If any of these are true, because these are all choices, I am putting false gods ahead of the one, true loving God. I am not worshiping Him.

When in prayer, do I use my prayer time only to ask God to give me the things I want?

When in prayer, do I let my mind drift away from my moments in prayer?

When in prayer, do I “multi-task?”

Again, if any of these situations are your choices, then you are not putting God first in your life. I know, because these are my sins, too. I am not worshiping Him, as He deserves. . I am using my prayer time selfishly, for my benefit, and not for the honor and glory of God.

While it’s true, we do need to establish communication with God, it’s essential that, in the communication we establish with God, we also worship and adore Him. Why? Does God need our worship and adoration?

Of course God does not need our worship and adoration, but we need to abandon ourselves entirely to Him. We need to acknowledge, as in the common vernacular of secularism, that there is a “Higher Power” who is God. We need to realize that we did nothing to earn His love, but love is a gift He gives freely. Didn’t the Father send His only begotten Son to die for us so that we might live? Yes, He did, and He did this for love of us.

Oh, My Lord and My God!
Forgive me for this great sin of not putting You first in my life.
Forgive me for the false gods I revere above You.
Change me, Lord, for I cannot do it alone.
Change me, Lord, make me into Your image and likeness as I was once created.
Forgive me, Lord. I now vow to make You and Your Divine Will first in my life. I know I will stumble and fall, but I also know that You will pick me up and help me onto Your paths again.
I thank You, Lord, and I praise and adore You.