Things I learned from Writing This Blog

It’s been an interesting week.

1) The blog post entitled, “Lord, Save me from the Latin Mass,” showed me that I have more readers than I ever believed I did. I thought, maybe, I have two? I am assuming that even if you aren’t a regular reader of my blog, the title brought you in to read it. Interesting.

2) I received many comments, most critical of the post. I was called many named, and these comments did not get posted because, the nicest names I was called was a “heretic” and “blasphemous.” Of course, I’m not going to publish this kind of comment, and I still have many more to moderate, but I just haven’t had the time.

3) If it had been me, and I felt very strongly about the “Latin” Mass, I would have probably read the post, but left and prayed. Instead, I found that there are many people who are very upset when you don’t agree with them. I think that, if they could have, I would have been bruned at the stake.

4) I never attacked the Mass. I only said, that I didn’t like the Latin Mass. Someone suggested that the Latin Mass could be said in English. If not, why wasn’t that instituted? My objection is in being so distracted by the language, I cannot follow along with the Mass and worship God during the Latin Mass.

5) For those who suggested that I learn Latin, I went to Catholic School and I learned Latin and the Mass. I still preserve some of that Knowledge, but it’s not enough to get me through the Mass.

6) There are others who blame the ordinary form of the Mass for the mass exodus of Catholics in this and the last century. If it weren’t for the fact that the non-Catholic denominations were experiencing the same problems, the family unit is breaking up, and if it weren’t for the media hating the Catholic Church, I might agree. Believe me, it’s satan, not me, who is responsible for those changes.

7) I learned that people forget their boundaries and will say so many ugly things to someone they haven’t met. Group dynamics are interesting. I don’t think I could have ever said some of the things I saw in the comments to anyone on earth, even if I detested them. I know I couldn’t do that. God does send up challenges, and, right now, mine is forgive.

8) If you like the Latin Mass in any of its forms, I’m fine with that. I don’t criticize you. I hope you are able to worship to the fullest using this Mass. It’s not a rite that helps me to worship God as He deserves. People disagree with me. That’s fine. My only wish is that you draw closer to God in the manner in which you can worship to the fullest.

9) Think before you post. I felt that of all the posts I moderated, only two were knowledgeable and kind. I respected that. I disagreed with them, as they disagreed with me. I wish I could have kept the discussion going, but when hate moves people, it’s impossible.

10) So many comments were defensive. I wasn’t then, nor am I now, attacking you or that which you hold dear. We live in a world where, if we are to continue to be Catholic Christians, that we have to learn to live with others, whether it’s in our own homes, our workplaces, or in the blogshere. Whether we agree with someone or not, the best thing we can do is to pray for them. Now, I can only wish you the best. I will offer my prayers for you. We all need to get over ourselves, and that includes me. We need to die to self so that there is room for Jesus to grow. Let’s do it. Let’s get over ourselves and learn to live in the Love of God, whether or not we agree with anyone else we encounter. God sends us challenges and these are sources of grace for us. I only wish you peace.


One thought on “Things I learned from Writing This Blog

  1. The comments were defensive because you said an approved form of celebrating the Sacrifice of Christ was something people needed to be “saved from.” Not that it wasn’t your preference, but that they had to be saved from it. You are only saved from harmful things.

    Whether or not you intended it, you did leave the impression you felt the Latin Mass harmful. You were rightly called out for that, even if some people responded with intemperate rhetoric, you were rightly called out for that, because that flies in the face of Trent and the spirit of the last 3 pontiffs, especially the last two, who have explicitly said both celebrations are of equal dignity and legality. They are not something we must be “saved from.”


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