A question of life

If life is a gift, why is there so much suffering? I don’t want to live a life of suffering. I know that unborn babies would feel the same way. Besides, they aren’t really alive. They couldn’t survive outside the womb.

Did you know that during an abortion their is a great deal of suffering, not only for the mothers, but also for the babies? Unborn babies can feel pain even before 20 weeks. Check this out. The fetal heartbeat begins around 5-6 weeks in development. Isn’t that a sign of life? Little ones (fetuses) show signs of movement when touched by a scalpel when medical procedures are needed for the child in utero. Responses that are similar to the responses of an adult in pain, have been observed by doctors as they perform surgery on the little ones.

We can’t speak for these human beings who are not being given the opportunity to develop and speak for themselves. We cannot assume that they do not wish to live. They are human. How do you feel about dying? I’ll bet you’d rather live? Is it fair to assume that these unborn children would feel otherwise? The life that they know is one of warmth and comfort. They are busy developing. Abortion is child abuse, at the least, and murder at the most. An unborn child is a human being, even if it’s going to be disabled, have Down’s Syndrome, or not be perfect when it’s born. No matter what, it has the right to live it’s life.

Doctors go to extreme lengths to save lives. Medical costs can destroy families of children who can survive outside the womb and are ill. Yet, they are willing to suffer the costs and burdens of that illness for that child. That being the case, why are we so willing to sacrifice the unborn child due to cost, inconvenience, disability, or gender? Perhaps the answer is not in abortion, but in help for the parents of the unborn child. If they are not able to keep that child, education about adoption can be provided. Help is available, even when the situation appears hopeless and frightening. We, as a country and society, will have to answer to God for allowing abortion and teaching our children that this barbaric practice is fine. God help us and forgive us.

Heavenly Father,
We come to you on our knees in active contrition for our sins against life. We beg Your forgiveness. We pray for an end to abortion. We cannot look at Your Face because in Your eyes are the eyes of the unborn whose lives have been ended due to the war against life in our country. Heavenly Father, beautiful children, we ask your forgiveness and seek Your strength and courage so that we might stand up for life, so that we will once again love our children and realize that they are a blessing from You. We ask this in the name of Jesus and Mary. Amen.