I’m Not Sure What God Is Trying to Tell Me, But

I was very surprised to see this dove sitting on the ground, showing no fear or concern as my dog and I walked by. Even when I stopped to take a picture, she didn’t move. She sat there until she started to peck into the ground looking for food. It was a calm moment, perhaps the calmest moment of my day, when I saw her. She’s a lovely bird. She was peaceful and calm.

I googled the meaning of a dove in Christianity. Of course, the Holy Spirit was a frequent reference. Other references include a Eucharistic Vessel, inspiration, divine guidance, fortitude, peace and hope in the Resurection. All of these are good things. She was a simple dove representing so much in our faith.

I don’t believe in coincidences. I think God has everything orchestrated for our good. This simple dove, so peaceful and calm, was a quiet message from Him to me.
“Calm down,” He whispers.
“Be at Peace.”
“Trust Me.”

So I breathe in His Love and His Embrace. I stop and slow down. I see the world around me as a progression of time, and I am in that time. This is my time. I have a purpose. When others reject me, I know He will not. He others hurt me, I know He will not. When others exclude me, I know that He Will not.

The interesting thing is this, and I just remembered, was that in prayer yesterday, I was very sad. I asked God for His consolation. I moved through the sadness, and worked through my day. I assumed that was His consolation. I accepted and submitted to His Holy Will. Today, I saw a dove, not flying, not afraid, but peaceful where she sat on the ground, vulnerable to predators, but not afraid. Not knowing God, she trusted Him. She was safe.

Again I hear, in my heart,
“Calm down.”
“Be at Peace.”
“Trust Me.”

Now, I know, and I whisper back, “Thank you.”