Here’s where I went to Mass today

I decided to take a small road trip for Mass today. In truth, I only drove about 15 minutes, but a good part of that time was spent on Highway 94. I really don’t like driving on that road, but it was worth it.

I attended Mass this morning at the Church of the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in St. Paul. It was a church that I had heard about onFather Rocky’s Facebook page. He had shown the photo of the statue of Mama Mary pregnant with her Son, and I knew that I had to see this church.

I had made a quick visit to it once before, but attending Mass there was my goal. I was so happy to see the reverence there for the Eucharist. A young toddler and his grandpa came into church. As they walked to the front to meet the rest of the family, the little toddler stopped and genuflected about every other pew. He was adorable!

At the end of Mass, I was surprised to see that the entire congregation stayed in their places. The priest had already left the church, and no one moved. After, I’d say, five minutes, the organist played a song, and everyone got up to leave. I was impressed. This was not a church that was loud. This was that showed great reverence for our God in the tabernacle.

The children were there through the Mass. One little girl, though, was ready to leave after Communion. She picked up her auntie’s purse, and said to the congregation, “Bye-Bye.” We all smiled. She was also adorable.

I hope to return to this Church. There is also Eucharistic adoration on Thursday’s, all day. I hope to be there next Thursday. It was a beautiful and reverent church.

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  1. I love Churches that are beautiful and reverent. Thanks for sharing about your experience. I love the Blessed Virgin Mary 🙂


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