Remembering to pray

Do you have a system to remind you to pray? Some days, it’s so busy around here, like realizing at 3 PM that you have not gone to the bathroom all day, I realize that I have not raised myself to God in prayer, except for the short morning offering that I pray as my day begins.

Reminders, especially at my age, are good. So what I do is this. I wear my Rosary bracelet all day and all night. It’s blessed, so it’s a sacramental, and it’s a reminder to pray whenever I can. I also went rock hunting a while back. I found the rocks in the photo, and I wrote prayer intentions on them. I keep these rocks around my home, and when I see them, I whisper a quick prayer for the rock I saw first.

This helps me a lot. I do remember to pray more frequently when I’m busy. I’ve learned that it is when you are most busy that a person needs to pray. satan uses our business to keep us from praying. he pushes us towards other things so that we will not unite ourselves to God.

I’m glad to have these reminders when I’m busy. What do you use to remind yourself to pray?


One thought on “Remembering to pray

  1. This is a great idea. We actually just planned a similar “craft” session with our children’s ministry. Thank you for the practical uses of these prayer rocks.


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