Come Holy Spirit

“Lord, send forth your Holy Spirit to bring consolation and strength to persecuted Christians.” Pope Francis
@Pontifex May 22

As the persecution of Christians and Christianity around the world increases, the news is full of their martrydom and their sufferings.

Each day, as we look forward to the new beginning, we plan what to make for breakfast. We choose what to do after work. We complain about the weather. We search for new clothes to wear. We ponder which product to choose at the grocery store. On the other side of the world, our sisters and brothers in Christ flee for their lives with nothing more than the clothes on their backs.

What can we do to help? Following the leadership of Pope Francis, we can invoke the Holy Spirit to bring consolation to the suffering Christians. We can pray to the Holy Spirit for those who persecute our sisters and brothers in Christianity. We can also pray for the protection of Christians all over the world. God will hear your prayers.

Come, Holy Spirit,

We pray for all of our sister and brother Christians. We ask for Your help with our suffering sisters and brothers who are persecuted around the world. We pray for those who are martyred for their faith. We pray for those who are tormented by their persecutors. We pray for those who flee the persecution leaving all they have behind. We pray for our priests and nuns who minister to these suffering Christians. We ask You, Holy Spirit, to send them Your consolation and Your protection.

We also pray for those who persecute Jesus, who destroy the churches and religious artifacts, and cause great suffering to persecuted Christians. Have mercy on them. Enlighten them so that they might come to know Your love. We pray for their souls.

Lastly, Holy Spirit, we ask You to bless our Pope who stands up for those who are in need. Bless and protect him. Keep him healthy and strong. Give him courage. Give him your protection from danger.