It’s not too Late to Wish Our Lady a Happy Feast Day! Here are 10 ways to do just that.

She was assumed into heaven where she was reunited with her Son.
Happy Feast Day, Dearest Mother! It’s not too late to wish her a happy feast day!

1. Talk to Our Lady. Tell her you love her! Wish her a Happy Feast Day.
2. Say a Rosary for Our Lady’s intentions.
3. Open the gates of heaven with 3 Hail Mary’s. Offer them for her intentions.
4. Attend Mass today or tomorrow and offer that Mass for her intentions.
5. Perform an act of self denial and offer it up for Mother Mary’s intentions.
6. Perform an act of kindness in honor of Our Lady.
7. Pray for our priests, for they are her sons on earth.
8. Give your children to Our Mother for she is the most holy mother of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Who could be a better Mother for your children?
9. Pray for all the children of the world. Entrust them to the care of Our Lady.
10. Offer to drive someone to Mass this weekend. Offer that up for Our Lady’s intentions.