I came to ask for Your Prayers today…

Not for me, but for a young woman I met today at Michael’s. I saw her and she was buying glass bottles. Out of curiosity, I asked her why she was buying so many glass bottles. She asked me if I had ever heard of “Blue Water.” No, I hadn’t. Well, to shorten this story a bit, blue water is water that you “brew” in the sun. The water has to be in a blue bottle. Like sun brewed tea, blue water is, she said, healthy for you. She said that she drinks a lot each day. We chatted for a few minutes, and she told me that she was a music journalist. She gave me her card. I have discarded the card. The conversation continued. She said, “I have something to tell you.” She motioned for me to walk with her to a corner. She said, “I used to be very depressed, since I was a child, but I went to a shaman, a powerful shaman, and I found out that I had a spirit attached to me since I was born.” I nodded. I know that this can happen, “The shaman was really powerful. Did you know that religion got it all wrong?” I just looked at her, and she continued. “Jesus wasn’t God. He was our brother.” I told her that I was Catholic and I believed that Jesus was God, the second person of the Trinity. She just smiled because she didn’t know what to say. Then she said, “I’ve heard there’s a more powerful shaman in the city here. I’m going to take a class from him in September.” I didn’t say any more. I just smiled. I told her that I hoped her water was good, and that I hoped she found more bottles to store her water in as she drinks it.

So, I’m asking for prayer for this nice, young woman. Please pray for her deliverance from the spirit of witchcraft. I don’t think I’m wrong about this, even the blue water she told me about, is often used in healing ceremonies in some cultures. Please pray for her conversion so that she might realize that Jesus is both God and man, and that He loves her.

Thank you!