Memories…Thank God for Memories

When I was younger, my husband used to tell me that I “never forgot anything.” He was right that time. I remembered how he came home late when I needed him to help with the kids. I reminded him how I cried when he washed my new white blouse with my beautiful red, wool sweater that shrunk to the size of a 5 year old. (I think he did that on purpose so that he wouldn’t have to help with the laundry.) I also remembered how he slept through the night when the babies were crying.

As I’ve aged, memories are becoming fuzzy. I forget words, at times. I call my kids by the wrong names. I don’t remember things as well as I used to do. Age is moving into my brain and blocking some things.

Many of the memories are gone, and that’s not bad. The memories I carry with me are the ones that make me smile now. I remember how, for our 10th anniversary, he had me look in the glove compartment for the keys. I opened the glove box to find a pair of diamond earrings to celebrate our special day. I remember how he held me when we found out that my mother’s cancer was terminal. I remember how he tried to comfort me as he lay dying.

God’s graces pour over us in the form of memories.

Lord, we thank You and we praise You for your goodness. Thank You for the gift of memories. May we only remember the good, and if we remember the painful, may we be given the grace to forgive. Thank You, Lord. May all we are be for Your greater Honor and Glory!