The 54 Day Novena Rosary

I had not heard of the 54 Day Rosary Novena until I watched a YouTube video presented by Father Don Calloway on the Rosary.Click on the word Rosary, and the link will take you to the talk. Father Calloway is writing a new book on the Rosary. It’s not finished, but he is busy with the production end of it, and he decided to secure the endorsement of a priest in Africa, who was told by Jesus, that the way to peace was the Rosary. Father Calloway wanted that endorsement, so he began th 54 day rosary novena. When he finished the novena, he received the endorsement of the priest.
Beginning a novena is easy for me. I have begun many, many novenas in my life, but there are only a very few that I have finished. God has His reasons for bringing us to our knees, and, due to circumstances in my life, I have been thurst on my knees by God.
When I heard Father Calloway’s talk on the rosary and the novena, I decided I needed this great, heavenly intervention in my life, so, 1 week, 7 days ago, I began this novena. My intentions are private, but if you think about it, and you want to offer a Hail Mary for my intentions, I would be grateful. In the meantime, I pray this Rosary Novena.

If you click HERE, this will give you more information about the Novena and another link to another explanation of the novena. Use the link in this article for more about the 54 Day Rosary Novena.

If you click on THIS LINK, you will be directed to a pdf file that will guide you in your novena. This novena is POWERFUL and FILLED WITH GRACES! I am determined to complete this novena. I added the pdf to my iPad, and I have made an easy chart where I can check off each day that I pray the novena. If my prayers are not answered in the ways I would like, then I submit myself to God’s Holy Will. May He be glorified through this Novena.

in all, the full prayer takes about 30 minutes each day. For 27 days you pray for your petition. For 27 days, you offer prayers of thanksgiving. That’s not hard. You’ll find a way to finish this. We’re in this together bonded by the love of God.