Prayer Time: There’s always Time to pray, but I pray best in the early Morning Hours.

When do you pray? So many people are in a constant state of prayer, and I do envy that, but I have to have a specific time and place to meet God in prayer. I try to keep that date, not because God needs me, but because I need God.

Prayer time is sacred for me, but many days, I have a hard time focusing, especially, if I pray later in the day. My best time to pray is in the early morning hours, or when I first wake. My usual time to rise is around 5:30 AM. (See what I mean about early morning hours?) In the spring, the birds begin to sing around that hour. The light is soft on the horizon, and I am rested from the night’s sleep. In the summer months, the birds have already been chirping for about an hour and a half, seemingly reminding me to get up and get going, and it’s much brighter outside. The seasons come and go during my prayer time.

When I begin, I like to pray my rosary, and I pray particularly for priests. If time allows before Mass, I read the scriptural readings for the day, and I try to meditate on them. That doesn’t always happen because time has run out and I need to shower and get to Mass. Then I’m out the door, and the day has begun.

I love to feel God’s arms around me, so to speak, as I rush out the door. I’ve consumed His milk and honey in prayer. Makes even a bad day good and good day even better.

When do you pray? I’d love to hear your story!