I Blinked

Have you ever blinked only to find that you missed something, maybe something big like a pillar at church you knew was there but, because you blinked, you walked into the structure anyway?

Have you ever shut your eyes for only a moment to realize that you are being called upon to answer an important question in your class?

Have you ever been at a Shakespearean play, in the front row of said performance, only to realize that the actor in the lead character has stopped his performance and is looking at you because what you thought would be a blink turned out to be a brief respite from the performance accompanied by a small snore or two?

I’ve blinked. You’ve blinked. Everyone on earth has blinked. We don’t always get the point of what we are supposed to do. We miss the heart of the matter. We don’t understand. We need a break.

In prayer, if we blink, we miss out on an opportunity to be united with God. We give into distractions. We give up because we are impatient and prayer is not going well that day. We think we’ll come back to prayer later. We find something else to do that gives us more joy.

What to do? Don’t blink. God loves us in spite of ourselves. He has a kind and gentle heart. He allows these distractions to test us a bit. God wants us to want Him more than anything else. He knows our hearts and ours ouls, but He wants us to know Him and ourselves even better. He gives us awareness of our strengths and weaknesses as we are able to handle them. He doesn’t mind if we blink.

Yes, we’ve all blinked, but don’t be discourage by your blink. Take heart that God is testing you. Ask God for help when dealing with each blink. Ask God to show you what He is asking of you. All prayer is communication with with God. Hang on to Him with all of your heart and soul. Rejoice that He is seeking you out! Run into His Loving Arms and ask for help. Ask for help in putting God first in your life. He loves that you ask. As a lover loves, God is our lover and so much more.

Seek Him out. Remember even if you blink, He is always there waiting for you. Praise God!!!