How She Did It, I Don’t Know, but She Did.

In the atomic bomb of feelings that followed the devastating murders in South Carolina perpetrated by Dylan Roof, now charged with 9 counts of the murders of innocent people who welcomed him into their Bible Study class, Nadine Collier, daughter of 70 year cold shooting victim, Ethel Lance, forgave her mother’s murderer.

I later heard her say, when asked how she could forgive this man, she said, “We are a family built on love. How could I do anything else?”

My Lord, My God, and My All!
Let my heart be built on love.
Bless the families who lost loved ones.
Console their hearts.
Forgive the man who destroyed their lives.
Let me become a woman like Nadine
Who forgives. out of love.
Bless them all.
Forgive the one who murdered.
May peace be restored in everyone’s heart.
My Lord. My God. My All!