A Love Letter

Dearest Child,

I’ve been at this for a very long time. I always was, have been, and will be. I whispered, and the earth took form. I waved My Hand, the day separated from the night. I made the sky. I filled the void earth with waters. Even before that, I had a thought which made the universe. I saw you there, where you are now, even as the bang began. I held you in my heart before I formed you in your mother’s womb. I even carved your name in my palms, next to the nail wounds. I held you. I loved you, even then. You’ve never been out of my sight.

The angels rejoiced when you were born. Your mother was given the choice to abort you, but she chose life for her baby. The angels danced at that moment. She was given the crown a mother will wear in heaven. Your mother loved you so much, and, even though you don’t realize it, I loved you even more.

I know that life is very difficult right now. I know that you question My Ways and My thoughts. Yes, it would be nice if things went smoothly all the time. It would be nice if you had no pain or sorrow. I know your cross is heavy. I know you question My Will for you. I understand why you do, but if you would only let go, it would be easier for me to work. I’m God, but I won’t interfere with your free will. That was my ultimate gift to you and to all mankind. You have the gift of free will. That’s a lot of responsibility! You can choose how to act, think, and believe.

You ask Me for so many things. I love it when you ask Me for things. I have to be honest. I won’t give you everything you want. That wouldn’t be good for your soul. Do you give your children everything they want? Of course not! You want them to grow up to be strong, resourceful, and to have beautiful souls!!! Why would I want anything less for you?

I love you!!! I tried to show you this with all of the beautiful things in the world. You love the museum! Who’s idea was that? Yes, it was mine. I wanted you to see My Love. I AM Love. I can only Love. I love you like you were the only human being who has ever lived. My heart bursts with love for you!!!! I love you!

There’s so much more I could tell you, but the world would end before I finished saying I love you. Think about this. You are a part of My Heart. I love you!