Praying on a Relaxing Sunday Afternoon

Mass is over. We’ve been part of the greatest prayer there is: the Mass. We greet family and friends as we prepare to leave church. We eat lunch. We pray before our meal. We clean up the kitchen, then we can enjoy the rest of the day.

Jesus, You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God, Have Mercy on Me a sinner.

A CD is playing a chant in the background. It’s the Divine Office being chanted by a group of monks.

Father, God, Creator,
Jesus, Brother, Son of the Living God,
Holy Spirit, Paraclete,
Praise and Honor to You.


I feel a nap coming on very quickly. I doze and the chant plays.
I wake up to silence, but my nap was blessed by God.

Before the day gets away, before supper must be made, before the phone rings, I find a rosary. Today’s Mysteries are the Glorious Mysteries.

Peace swirls in my heart as the gentle beat of the rosary begins.
When I say the last Hail Mary and Hail Holy Queen, I am full and over flowing with God’s love.

Hail Mary, Dearest Mother and Queen, thank you for giving birth to our Savior. You were blessed among all women. Thank you for your fiat!

Supper time!
Prayer before meals. Your turn. Prayer after meals. Your turn!
Whose turn for dishes?

Holy Spirit enlighten me, please. Help me to show my children how to live for You and with You. It’s hard to be young in this evil world. Protect my children. Give them strength.


Looks like rain tomorrow. Lunches need to be packed. Did you finish your homework? Oh, wait, that’s right. School is out. No more computer time. If you want to read something, read a book. I’ll be in for prayers shortly. Do you want to pray altogether or individually with me? OK, then, you better be in your jammies and ready for sleep when I come in. No games. No anything but a rosary in your hand or a book. Get ready to ask your guardian angel for something in prayer.

Angel of God, My guardian Dear, to Whom God’s love, entrusts me here. Ever this night, be at my side, to light, to guard, to rule to guide, Amen.

Lights out. Good night.

Heavenly Father, Protect my children as they sleep. Send your fiercest, strongest, most protect angels to aid their guardian angels in keeping them safe. Expel all evil from their lives. You have given me these little ones. Keep them safe. Amen. Good night.