The End of the Week, Praise, Thanksgiving, and Prayers

Today is Friday! Praise God the weekend is here!
The weather is warm, and I was able to put my herbs in their pots and water them. Praise God!
We are no longer in a drought! Praise God!
I have air conditioning! Praise God!
We have enough water to use for our plants! Praise God.

Heavenly Father, There is so much that we can thank You for each day. We don’t say it enough. Even when times are troubled and the storms are battering us, we can say, “Thank You, Father, This pain and sorrow is Your Will for us right now. Through it, we will grow strong. We praise You. We bless You. We adore You. We give You thanks for everything! There is nothing that You have not given us. Each day of our lives is a gift from You. Each moment, each minute, each hour are all gifts. If you took my life right now, I could only thank you for having given me the gift of life. Thank You, Father, God, Creator. Thank You, Jesus, brother, Savior. Thank You, Spirit, Counselor, Paraclete. Thank You.

Prayers that Need to be Prayed.

Pray for Pope Francis for his safety and that he will continue to be the shepherd who guides us safely to heaven.

Pray for our Cardinals, our Bishops, and our priests that they will remain true to the Catholic Church.

Pray for your parish. Pray that more will come to Mass and become involved with parish work.

Pray for your pastor.

Pray for the staff at your church and the staff at all Catholic Schools that they might set a good example for the children and each other.

Pray for all who live a consecrated life.

Pray for all priests who have left the church or teach heresy.

Pray for the souls in Purgatory.

Pray for all those in your parish.

Pray for all children and youth that they might not be enticed by evil, but be attracted to God Almighty.