The Mind/Body Connection and Prayer

Research continues on whether or not there is a connection of the mind with the body. Researches ask whether how you think can influence how you feel and how your body is able to resist illness. They ask quesitons such as: Is your state of mind important to the health and safety of your body. Studies show the answers are: Yes, No, Maybe, Could be, I don’t know.

Yesterday, I learned that there is a connection between my mind and my body and how I feel.

I have been battling depression more than usual. I finally made an appointment to see a therapist yesterday. I kept my appointment, and I saw my therapist. Earlier that morning, I stopped at my chiropractor’s office, and I made an appointment to see her because I ached all over. My bones ached deep in side. My muscles ached all over. There was no place that I did not hurt. I felt that a chiropractic adjustment would help relieve the pain. I wish I could say that I kept that appointment at 1:35 PM, but I didn’t. It wasn’t until 3:30 PM that I realized I had not gone to the chiropractor that day.

After my visit with my therapist, I felt a lot better. I ran errands, came home, worked around the house and outside. It wasn’t until I remembered I had missed the chiropractor’s appointment that I realized I didn’t hurt. My bones did not ache. My muscles felt fine. Wow! I had unburdened myself when I visited with my therapist. The “verbal vomit” relieved my phsyical pain! I was stunned! This was good. I have a mind/body connection. I can only assume that other people do, too.

I think about my daily prayer. After prayer I feel so much better and more at peace. By putting my mind on God through prayer, I elevate my body to a higher level. Changes begin in my brain. Prayer, through this positive reinforcement of God’s love and mercy, feeds my soul, changes my brain, and heals my body. Why it’s taken so long for me to realize this, I don’t know. I thought I knew a lot at my age, but I still don’t know it all.

Here’s what I do know:
1) God loves me enough so that when I reach out to him in prayer, He allows positive changes to happen in my brain, in my soul, and in my body.
2) When I pray, God connects to me. His graces are endless, as is His Mercy.
3) God’s mercy and graces change my body, my soul, and my brain.

We are all connected. God loves order. God is good.