My Love

Surrender to Me.
Give Me everything.
I ask a lot of you, I know,
I have greater plans than You can imagine.
I will make you whole.
I will heal you.
I love you.

Give Me everything that distracts you
So that I may be the focus of your life.
Don’t worry.
I AM taking care of your concerns.
I have great plans.
You don’t need to worry.
Give Me everything.
I carry you, still, on my Shoulders,
As I bore My Cross of Love for You.

Does the Lover betray His Beloved?
Does a mother abandon her child?

Love seeks only love.
Love seeks only the best for His Beloved.
He carries her when she’s weak.
He guides her in a storm.
Love seeks to protect and empower the one He loves.
Love seeks to serve the one He loves.

I AM your Beloved.
You have longed for Me since the day you were born,
Just as I have longed for you.
I long for the time when you give Me all.
I long for the day when you trust Me.
Abandon yourself to Me.
My Will for you is to Know Love.

I AM Love.
Abandon yourself to Me as did My Mother.
I eagerly wait for You.

My wounded side encases My Sacred Heart.
Cling to My Heart which is love and truth.
I will protect you.
I will hold you.
Evil will not destroy you.
Fear? Do not be afraid. Fear is not born of love.
I saturate you with My Love.
I pour the oil of My Love on your head, and I anoint you with My Love.
Die to yourself and give me all.
Hold nothing back.
Love is for the ages.
My Love is eternal.
My Love does not die.
My Love nurtures

I bless you with strength and courage.
I bless you with all My Love.
What else do you need?
My Mercy flows freely to you.
I AM your love.
I AM Love.