5 reasons why God will always answer your prayer for the Gift of Prayer.

Have you asked, the Lord, to teach you to pray? I do ask, and I ask Him frequently. Why?

1) The gift of prayer is not one that the Lord will deny to anyone. He wants you to talk with Him. He wants you to connect with Him.

2) Sometimes we all get stuck, God knows this. He will sometimes let us be stuck so that we will all appreciate His gift of prayer to us. Be calm. Be patient. God will get you unstuck.

3) God is the greatest teacher! He loves His children so much that when we ask Him to teach us to pray, the doors of His Sacred Heart are opened, and His Mercy flows out on us! God loves us and wants us to be happy.

4) Prayer is a gift. Prayer is a grace. God is the Giver of gifts and graces. He cannot deny His children this gift! He is so pleased when we desire to grow closer to Him.

5) When we pray, we join the Heavenly Host in praising God! We join with the entire church in offering our gift, which God has given us, of prayer. God desires for us to be united in Him. Do you think He will say no?

Never be afraid to ask God for the gift of prayer. He will not say no to You. God is Great! God is Good! God is…