Prayers Answered

Does God always hear our prayers?
Yes, God hears our prayers, all of them.

If God hears all of our prayers, why doesn’t He answer them?
God always answers our prayers.

That’s not true! I’ve prayed for years for my family to come back to the Church, and they never go to church!
Do you always go to Mass on Sundays?
Well, I try to go. I go at least 1- 2 times a month, if I can.
Is this the kind of example you should set if you want your family to attend Mass regularly?
That’s not the point. God is not answering my prayer. I’d go to church more often if they would come with me.
Maybe, they would come with you, if you attended Sunday Mass regularly.
I keep telling God that I need them to come with me.
You keep telling God?
Well, yes. I tell Him. God, I need to have my family with me at Mass.
What does God say to you when you tell Him what to do?
I’m not telling Him what to do, I’m praying to Him.

You’re a manager at work, aren’t you?
Do your employees tell you what to do?
Oh, I see what you mean. I hadn’t thought of that.
Remember, there are many different types of prayer, and prayers of petition are only 1 of the many.
I only ask God because He said to ask Him for things.
Yes, but do you praise Him and thank Him? Do you adore Him? Do you intercede for others?
It wouldn’t matter what I do. God does not answer my prayers.
Maybe God is answering your prayers.
What do you mean?
When one of your employees goes to you with a request, do you always say yes?
No, I don’t. I rarely say yes since I have to run it past the upper managers, and I have to have any new projects approved before we begin them.
You rarely say Yes?
Well, I have to study things before I can say yes or no. There might be better ways to implement their ideas and still keep the same outcome. It takes time, you know.
Oh, really? Is it possible then, that God might know better than you how to do things? Are God’s ways our ways? Are His thoughts our thoughts?
The truth is that God always answers our prayers. Sometimes, it’s important just to wait for God to be our God, the God of miracles. He knows when the right time is. He knows when the circumstances are best to bring your family back to Him. This might not be the way we want to do things, but it is God’s way. He knows best.
Well, if knows best, then I wish He’d hurry.
God sometimes says no to our prayers, too. Sometimes, God just lets the outcome of our prayers depends on us. Maybe He wants to bring you closer to His Unending Love. Maybe He wants you down on your knees loving and adoring Him. Maybe the delay is so that you will be able to mature spiritually. Then His answer might be No. Just wait. I have a better idea.
It’s just that I worry so much.
Saint Padre Pio says, “Pray. Hope. Don’t worry.”
That’s easier said than done.
Yes, it is. It’s a trust issue. Maybe God just wants you to learn to trust Him completely.
I don’t know how to do that.
You need to pray for the gift of trust.
Maybe I need to go to Mass regularly, too?
It is a mortal sin to deliberately miss Mass on Sundays.
Oh, dear.
Did you know that if you go to confession and confess your sins, they will be forgiven?
Wait. How did we get here? We were talking about God answering prayers.
Maybe someone has been praying for you to return to Mass and the sacraments.
My Mom and my Grandma. When Grandma was alive, she and Mom always told me that they would pray for me always and forever..
Isn’t that interesting? How long have they been waiting for you to attend Mass on a regular basis and receive the sacraments?
Uh, well..
Never mind, Remember, in order to receive the Eucharist, you must be in the state of grace. Missing Mass is a mortal sin.
I guess I need to go to confession?
It would be a good idea. Before you ask, you can go online and look for confession times or grab a bulletin at Mass.
Ha ha! I guess I can go in about an hour.
OK, but what will the priest think of me?Don’t worry about it. Priests hear everything in confession. Many of them have committed the same sins that you have. They are not in a position to judge, even if they remember what you say.
Are you sure?
Yes, I’m sure.

I’m really nervous about this. I don’t think I remember what to say.
The priest will help you if you don’t remember.

Is it time for your Mother’s prayers and your Grandmother’s prayers to be answered?
I guess so.
Peace be with you.
Yes, I think I feel it now. Peace.


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