Intercessory Prayer: A Blessing of Love

Prayer is the glue that holds me together. Life has been difficult these last few years, and it’s prayer that keeps me moving. My Church is a prayerful community, and it is within these walls that prayers are said for me and my family. Prayers that bind. Prayers that empower. Prayers that hold. Prayers that enable. Prayers that bless. Prayer holds me when I’m down and lifts me up when I feel I can’t get up. Intercessory prayer for us is a blessing of love.

Our Lady tells us that she intercedes for us before the Throne of God each and every day. She prays for us and blesses us through the majestic gift of her intercession. She, who is the Mother of God, prays for us.

How can I do less? Intercessory prayer binds us to God and to those for whom we pray. Prayer is the tie that binds souls. Prayer brings together souls who have never met nor will ever meet until we live in the Kingdom of God. Blessing upon blessing. Grace upon grace. Prayers reach up, and God reaches down to His people.

How does one begin intercessory prayer? You simply pray for someone and for their intentions. You don’t even have to know the person or persons for whom you are praying. You simply have to pray.

Here are some ideas to get you started. Pray with an open heart.

1. Pope Francis
2. All priests
3. The Catholic Church
4. Isis: for the conversion of all women in men in this organization
5. the United States of America
6. Our President
7. Our Law Makers
8. For all who wish us evil
9. For the Souls in Purgatory
10. For the most abandoned soul in Purgatory
11. For pregnant women to choose the gift of life for their children
12. For all who are at war
13. For your family and your friends
14. For the sick and dying
15. For the conversion of our country
16. For an end to abortion
17. For all those in the medical profession
18. For all those in law enforcement
19. For those who are bound to sin
20. For those who cannot forgive

That’s just a start. Please add more to this list then begin to pray, as Our Lady asks us to do. Pray!