Lord, I need Your Help…

Can you see I’m out of sorts, today.
It’s not been the best week, but today is really a difficult day.
I know, Lord, that You are allowing this so that I might be drawn closer to You and purified.
I know You love me like a Father loves His Child.
I want to run to You and let You hug me.
Lord, I offer You this day.
I give You my sufferings so that they might be joined with the sufferings of Your Son, Jesus, for souls.
I ask that You send Your Counselor, Your Paraclete, so that He might shower down His gifts on me. I’m not sure how I will make it without them.
I’m here. Use me as You see fit.
I love You.
Thank You.
I praise You.
I ask for Your Blessing, My Lord and My God.