5 Ways to avoid “The Blur” when you pray.

Have you ever done this? You have the time to pray. You have the place to pray. You have the desire to pray. You kneel or sit down to pray. Then…you realize your time to pray was like a blur. You were distracted. You were tired. You watched the clock. You were stuck.
You would rather be anywhere else than where you are now…
You were in the blur zone when you prayed.

Here are 5 ways to avoid the “Blur.”

1) Realize that not every time you pray, with good intentions, that your prayer time will be uplifting for your soul. Sometimes, God allows challenges in our prayer time so that we might come to appreciate the time we spend in prayer. Accept the fact that your prayer time is in the Hands of God, and He alone knows where He is leading you. He wants to draw you near to Him, and, maybe, just maybe by pushing you away, your desire to pray will become more intense and fervent.

2) It’s wonderful that you have a special time and place to meet God in prayer, and that you meet with Him always. Sometimes, when we are in the blur, it is because this has become routine. We are so used to what we see and hear in our special place, that we tune it out, and in the process tune out God. A change of venue might be helpful. If it’s a nice day, go for a walk. Find a quiet spot in nature to sit and commune with the Lord. If you pray at home, leave your home, if you are able, and find an Adoration Chapel. Find a church. Move away from the everyday, and find God in a different way. Your date with the Lord can be, maybe should be, moved from place to place and at a different time. Learn to appreciate the Glory of the Lord even in the mundane.

3) Sometimes prayer becomes routine. We recite the Rosary. We pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. It’s hard to focus on these rote prayers. Our mind wanders. We wonder when the kids will be home. We wonder of our spouses will remember to pick up the hamburger for dinner. Suddenly, we realize that we have no recollection of prayer. The words were there, but the prayer with the heart was not. It’s easy to make a change here. We can still pray the Rosary. We can still pray the Chaplet, but we can add to what we do by changing the way we pray. Do you have a prayer journal? Use your prayer journal to meditate on a scriptural verse and write down your thoughts. Allow a certain amount of time for this type of prayer. Instead of praying the rosary quietly, recite the rosary out loud. There are those who will join you. Join a prayer group. This can help you focus on your prayer.
Keep and open mind, but keep your eyes on God.

4) Do you know how to pray the psalms? The Psalms are not a new football team, or a basketball team or a soccer team. The Psalms are ancient prayers in the Bible, many of which were written by King David himself. Use part of your prayer time for this exercise. Choose a psalm to read. You can do this randomly or purposefully. I like to see what God wants to tell me this way. Before you begin to read, ask God to show you what He wants you to hear. Read the psalm aloud. This is very important. You must hear the words, as well as, see them.
Stop and Think. What does God want me to learn from this? Quickly, then, write down your thoughts about what God wants you to learn. Close your notebook or journal. Sit for a moment in silence. Continue with your prayers. You will find that your prayers are more open and from the heart. 5 minutes before you end your prayer time. Open your notebook or journal and read what God wanted you to learn. You’ll be amazed. Thank God!

5) Sometimes, no matter what we do, prayer time is unfulfilling, unnourishing, and downright, frustrating! The best we can do, and this does help, is to give everything to God. Tell God you love Him.
Thank Him. Praise Him. Ask forgiveness for your sins. Then sit. Simply sit in His loving presence. Let Him love you. He will. The burden of prayer is not on you. God knows what is in your heart. He will heal you and love you. Give your struggles to Him. Let God be God. He works miracles. You don’t need to try. Let God love you in His Sweetness and Silence.


2 thoughts on “5 Ways to avoid “The Blur” when you pray.

  1. Great ideas! It is good to mix things up sometimes to help to stay focused. Also, don’t be too hard yourself. Good knows your heart and the important thing is to KEEP PRAYING.


  2. Thank you for this kind reminder. I love how the image of Chipotle drew me to open the page. Distractions distractions. You give fresh insight on how to deal with this common obstacle we all face in the spiritual life.


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