Pocket Plants and Pocket Prayers

pocket plants

I don’t know the real name of these plants, but I’ve always called them

“Pocket Plants.”

The flowers remind me of little pockets where we could store all of our thoughts, memories, and prayers which would enable me to stop, pull out a prayer anytime I am near these plants.

You would also store any requests for prayers so that we could go back and remember the person for whom we were praying again and again.

I store a lot of prayer requests in my tablet.  The problem is that I don’t always have my tablet with me.

I do pray daily for “all those who have asked for my prayers,”

but that is so impersonal.  I like to remember each person by name.  Let God take care of their requests, but I like to remember for whom I am praying.

I know that God doesn’t need for me to remember.

I just want to remember their names.

I know, God’s Will versus my will.

Maybe God doesn’t want me to remember the names?  That’s very possible.  My memory for names is poor.

How do you remember those for whom you pray?

Do you have a notebook in which you write their names?

Do you use your tablet or computer?

Do you have a jar from which you pull out names?

What do you do?  How do you remember?

Is that important to you or not?

Just wondering.