Today Begins National Nurses Week. Let us Pray for our Nurses


The Patron Saint of Nurses is St. Agatha.  She is one of seven women who is remembered by name in the Canon of the Mass.  She is also known as the patron saint of breast cancer and bakers.  She was martyred in the 1500’s when her breasts were cut off after she had been tortured in the Turkish invasion of 1551.

Let us pray for these heroic women and men who serve in the medical field.

I found this prayer at

Catholic Online.

Prayer for Doctors and Nurses

O merciful Father, who have wonderfully fashioned man in your own image, and have made his body to be a temple of the Holy Spirit, sanctify, we pray you, our doctors and nurses and all those whom you have called to study and practice the arts of healing the sick and the prevention of disease and pain. Strengthen them in body and soul, and bless their work, that they may give comfort to those for whose salvation your Son became Man, lived on this earth, healed the sick, and suffered and died on the Cross. Amen.

Another prayer for nurses

When I falter, give me courage. When I tire, renew my strength. When I weaken because I’m human, Inspire me on to greater length. If doctors and patients become demanding, And days are too short for all my duty, Help me remember I chose to serve, To do so with grace, and spiritual beauty. In humility, Lord, I labor long hours, And though I sometimes may fret; My mission is mercy. Abide with me, that I may never forget.


In the joyful Spirit of God, Let us give thanks to Him for whispering to the women and men in the field of medicine for their service to us!

Praised be Jesus!



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