I Guess We Need to Forgive Ourselves and Pray


I saw something, today at Mass, that lead to the desecration of a Host.  I was sitting at the altar during Communion.  As a lector at Mass, after we receive the Eucharist, we wait on the side of the altar so as not to distract others when it’s time to read the announcements.  I happened to notice a mother with 3 young girls coming up to the Eucharistic Minister to receive Holy Communion.  The elder two girls appeared to be old enough to receive.    The younger girl clearly was not old enough to receive.  The mother was the fourth in the line to receive.  All of the children were given the Eucharist.  The mother received, as well.  The two elder girls were waving the Sacred Host around as they walked back to their pew.  There was no sense of reverence or knowledge of what they had been given in their hands.   I watched from the side of the alter to see if they consumed the hosts.  I couldn’t tell, but I decided I would check their pew after Mass.  The distributor of the Sacred Blood had pulled the chalice close to her so as not to give the children the Most Precious Blood of Jesus.

I’m not blaming the children or the mother.  Clearly, the children didn’t know about the Eucharist.  According to an usher, the children had been very disruptive during Mass.  I don’t know about that.  I didn’t see.  I’m not judging.  Perhaps the mother had just wanted to make sure the children attended church today.  Perhaps, she was not Catholic.  I don’t know.  Only God knows what was in the mother’s heart.  The problem was that after Mass, we found a consecrated host on the floor.  It had been smashed to pieces.   We notified our pastor, and he came and cleaned up the sacred remains of Jesus on the floor.

I regret that I did not leave my place on the altar and talk with the girls and their mother in order to recover the hosts.

I regret that I allowed this desecration to happen because I did nothing.

“Oh, My Jesus, forgive us our sins.  Save us from the fires of hell.  Lead all souls to heaven, especially those who are in most need of Thy Mercy.

I know that God will forgive me in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

I know that if I ever see the same people who were involved, I will do something about it, with love.

They didn’t understand.  I know that.  However, it was tragic that the desecration of the Sacred Host happened at all.

I know that God will bring good out of this for everyone.

I forgive all involved.

I forgive the girls and their mother.

I forgive me for my inaction.

Praise to You, Lord, Jesus Christ!

I would ask that you pray for all who were involved in this desecration.

Jesus courage


2 thoughts on “I Guess We Need to Forgive Ourselves and Pray

  1. Apparently the mother has not explained this to her daughters in all the time they have (or haven’t) been attending church (and, possibly, not attending CCD). In our parish IF children who have not been through FHC approach the altar, they cross their arms and receive the blessing.

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  2. This is the policy in our parish, too. I don’t know why the children behaved as they did, but I honestly don’t think they had any idea they were being irreverent. It’s sad. I think the mom was trying to do her duty as a parent and get those kids to church. She might not have been Catholic. I don’t know. She might not have known it was irreverent either.


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