So, Lord, What Did you Do Today?


So, my Lord, what did you do today?

I watched over all of my children.

Don’t you do that all the time?

Yes, I have loved them into existence, and I continue to love them in existence.

Loving your children?  Why do you love your children?  We certainly don’t show You that kind of love.

I AM love.  I can only love.

Did you see anything that pleased you today, Lord?

I saw many things that pleased Me.  I always do.

What did you see that pleased You, Lord?

I saw a mother leave the abortion clinic with her child in her womb.  She felt my grace and acted on it.  I was very pleased.  Her child is going to do many great things for me in his lifetime.  That’s her mission in life.  She will be someone who will bring many of my children to Me.  I was very pleased.

What else did you see, Lord?

I saw many people praying the Rosary today.  I gave them many graces that will bring them to Me.  They are praying for peace in our world.

That’s wonderful, Lord!

Aren’t you going to ask Me what else I did today?

Of course, Lord, what else did you do today?

I sent legions of angels to defend My children who entered the confessionals today around the world.  satan was trying to keep them away from this sacrament.  My angels surrounded the penitents, and I sent them graces so that they would be brought into a deeper union with Me.

Lord, is receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation more important than prayer?

Prayer opens a dialogue with Me.  My Son presides with the priest in this Sacrament.  I whisper the words of mercy and forgiveness into the priest’s ear.  My Son blesses both the priest and the penitent with His Most Precious Blood.

My Love and Mercy are boundless!

Lord, what about Your children who have fallen away from the church?

They need to be encouraged to come back to Me.  Be my evangelizer.  Set an example.  Your actions speak louder than words.  People look at you and watch your behavior.  Those who don’t know Me will see only the negative if you do not set a good example for them.  Your spiritual journey will make you whole.  Be what my beloved children need to see.

That’s not always easy, Lord.

Did I say your journey would be easy? 

No, Lord, you didn’t, but I don’t know what to do or what to say?
When My Son lived on earth, He told His Disciples to live the commandments.

1) Love God above all else.

2) Love your neighbor as yourself.

If you love God above all else, you will begin each day and end each night in prayer.

You will establish a relationship with Me.  You will come to realize that you are My beloved child.  You will seek to please Me.

Lord, how can we please You?

Have faith in Me.

Trust Me enough to know that I know what I’m doing.  I AM God.  I work miracles.  I AM Holy.   I AM Love!

Your prayer and your faithfulness to Me is love.

Teaching your children to pray and to love Me, pleases Me so much!

Trust Me.  Hope in Me.  Love Me.

That seems easy enough to do, Lord.  Is there anything else?
Read My Words in the Bible.  If you want to hear Me, read what is said there.  I AM speaking to you, whether you realize it or not.

Also, you need to realize that I will always love you.  You and each of My children are so precious in My eyes.

Thank you, Lord.

What did you do today, My child?

I went to confession today, Lord.

That pleased Me so much. 

I prayed today, Lord.

Yes, your voice is like music to My ears when you pray.  I would suggest that you listen more carefully in prayer.

I told you over and over again how much I loved you.

I didn’t hear that, Lord.

That’s easy to fix.  Be still and know that I AM God.

All right, Lord.  I’m awfully tired now.  May I go to sleep?

Of course, My child.  If you need Me during the night, I AM always here for you.  My angels guard you when you sleep.

Thank you, Lord.

Tomorrow, you have a great many things to accomplish for Me.  Share My Love with everyone you meet.  Be kind.  Be love.  Bring My children to Me.

I will try, Lord.  I will try.

Good night, My Lord and My God.

Good night, My child.  I love you!  Your sleep will be peaceful.

Ok, my Lord.  Good night.