How satan stops you from praying and how to combat the evil one…

public domain  copyright expired in USA
public domain copyright expired in USA

I don’t know who said it, but they were right.  “satan’s greatest lie is convincing us that he does not exist.” When I was growing up, way back when, I remember that I did not know what sex was.  I didn’t know what a huge swear word meant.  I didn’t learn the meaning of THAT word until I was in college, and, even then, I was shocked!

In the 21st century, we are being challenged to love the sinner but hate the sin.  What we once considered to be appropriate behavior is considered old and outdated.  Politicians are calling for people to change religion so that their ideas will be accepted and acceptable.

Women’s health is inevitably tied to abortion.  “It is a right,” they say.  The baby in the womb has no rights, but that doesn’t matter.  The sick and elderly, in many places of the world, are being subjected to euthanasia.  Assisted suicide is being promoted as a means of relieving unnecessary suffering.  People want to die on their “own terms.”  We are trying to become gods.  We are an evil generation.

Where is God?  God is here.  We don’t see Him, but He’s with us through it all.  The one who has convinced our world that he does not exist is the ugly one, the fallen angel, satan.  he has convinced the world that we can do anything we want without consequences.  Jesus died and saved us.  That’s all it took.  We can do whatever we want without worry.  We’ll still go to heaven.   Wait!  If there is a heaven the opposite must exist, but it cannot exist without the evil one, therefore, the evil one does not exist.

That being of evil will do what he can to prevent us from having a relationship with God.  He has been successful with so many people in our world.  The father of lies is the perfect liar.  We are slammed with ideas that God does not love mankind.  Why would you think so if there are wars in the world?  God doesn’t love you.  He gave you cancer and you’re dying.

Praying doesn’t change anything.  God gave up on you.  Pray all you want, but it’s not going to help.  God doesn’t like you.

Lies. Lies. Lies.

  Our society mocks God.

Being a Christian is very difficult in our world.  Being a Catholic is even more difficult.

We try to walk the path of Jesus, and we are mocked.  We are persecuted.  Many martyrs are dying for their faith.

Yet, satan has convinced the world that he does not exist.

Distractions provide the father of lies with another way to steal souls from God.

We’re so busy doing things, listening to the television or radio with all it’s noise, playing video games, that we feel there is no time for prayer.  We run from one place to the other.  By the time we get home, we are so exhausted that  all we can do is  fall asleep and be ready to start the next busy day.

Distractions leave very little time for prayer.

How do we combat satan?  Combat sounds like what we do in a war, and it is.  We are involved in a war for our souls and our children’s souls.  We cannot see it, but when we look around, we see who seems to be winning.  It’s time to fight back.

How do we fight back.


Remember that prayer is direct communication with God.  When we seek to have a relationship with Him, we pray and we read Sacred Scripture.

God’s Word is alive.  He speaks to us in Sacred Scripture.  Where is your Bible?  Dust it off and begin to read.  Commit yourself to reading the Bible 5 minutes each day.  That’s not a lot of time.  Think about what you read.  Savor it like fine wine.  Ask God what He is saying to you as you read.  Ideas will pop into your mind.  Be wary of lies.  satan does not like it when you read the Word of God.  If you have any questions about what you read, speak to your pastor and ask him for guidance.

5 minutes each day is not a lot.  I think you might find yourself reading more each day.  Read and pray.

Invoke the Holy Spirit.  He will guide and protect you.

Combating the evil one with prayer works the same way.

he will provide you with distractions.  he will lie to you.  he will whisper in your ear the lies he has spread across the world.

The trick is to ignore him.  satan can’t stand being ignored.  he hates that.  he will work hard so that you will stop praying.

Make the evil one realize that you won’t stop praying.  Build your relationship with God.  Speak to the Lord for as long as you can each day.  Take the time that you might spend watching a little TV to pray.  Hold your children in your arms and teach them to pray.  Make a date with God.  Keep that date no matter what.   Pray! Pray! Pray!

Plan of Action

1) Each day, invoke the help and protection of the Holy Spirit.

2) Read the Bible for 5 minutes a day, or more, preferably more.

3) Think about what you read.

4) Ask God what it is He is saying to you.

5) Listen.

6) Make a date with God and pray.

7) Do not break that date.

8) Gather your family together and pray.

9) As God holds us in His Loving Arms, hold your children in your loving arms and teach them to pray.

10) Be firm.

satan does exist.  Hell exists, too,

but, more importantly,

God exists.

Heaven exists.

God is waiting for you.


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