Prayer is Music. Music is Prayer.


Ever notice how quiet it can be at a Sunday Mass?  Other than the priest singing the liturgy, and the cantor or choir backing up the priest in song, there is only quiet prayer by the congregation in the pews.

I know.  I’ve heard it many times, and so have you!

“I’d sing if I could, but I can’t sing.”

“I can’t carry a note in a bucket.”

“I sound like that lady, you know the one that everyone says sounds like a chicken clucking.”

“If anyone heard me sing, they’d leave Mass right then and there, and I wouldn’t blame them.”

“I can’t pray and sing at the same time.  I need to pray.”

According to St. Augustine,

“He that sings praise, not only sings, but also loves Him of whom he sings. In praise, there is the speaking forth of one confessing; in singing, the affection of one loving.”
(St. Augustine, Commentary on Psalm 73, 1)

In our day, this has been shortened to:

“He who sings prays twice.”

Praise is prayer.

Prayer is an expression of love.

In order to fully participate in the Celebration of the Mass,

we must sing.

I didn’t believe a young friend of mine when she said, “I am tone deaf.  I honestly can’t sing.”

I had never heard anyone who couldn’t sing a little bit.

Then, one day, my friend started to sing at Mass.  She was right.  She can’t sing, but ever since that day, she raises her voice to the Lord in prayer.

Joyful noise

Yes, so often our singing at Mass is, at best, a “Joyful Noise,” but it is singing that has become prayer.

We praise God in song just as the Chosen people of God sang in prayer in ancient days.

Praise is often rendered in song.

“Glory to God in the Highest!”

This is part of our Liturgy, and it is supposed to be sung at Mass.

The Gloria is praise in song.  We praise God just as David did when he wrote many of the psalms.

God gave you a voice, maybe not the best voice, but He gave you a voice to call out to Him in song.

Calling out to God in song is prayer.

Sing your prayers.  You will need to concentrate on what you are singing.

It’s a noise.  All right.  I can accept that, but it’s music to God’s ears.

In our parish, when we attend daily Mass, we sing 4 hymns plus other parts of the Mass in response to the priests’ songs.

We do a lot of singing in our parish.  We praise the Lord in song.  We thank Him in Song.

In our parish, we recognize the value of song during the liturgy.

Now, I’m not saying we sound that great.  God must be chuckling as we sing.

However, our “joyful noise” is our prayer.

No more excuses now.   If we can sing at Mass, so can you!

Express your prayer with the gift music given to you by God.

Music is prayer


3 thoughts on “Prayer is Music. Music is Prayer.

  1. I LOVE singing, but I’m always nudging my husband to sing with me at Mass! I think it’s a cultural thing for some people- he grew up in a family where none of them sing at Mass, ever, and they all leave before the final song ends. Since being married to me, he’s learned to stay in the pew until I’m done singing.

    And you first line made me chuckle- “ever notice how quiet it is…” My church (sadly) is anything but quiet. People sing, but they also talk, scream, cry, you name it. I guess it’s all fine with God, but I’d prefer a little more peace.


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